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Compression is necessary for the management of swelling, edema and lymphedema often associated with lower extremity wounds.

EdemaWear is a novel approach that delivers compression under a series of longitudinal ridges running parallel to the limb. In contrast to conventional circumferential compression wraps. Longitudinal compression cannot cause a tourniquet effect that could interfere with limb circulation and lymphatic drainage.

EdemaWear delivers optimal pressure under the parallel ridges while leaving four-fifths of the skin surface free. This provides optimal delivery of arterial blood and the efficient return of lymph and venous blood to the circulatory system. Constructed from durable Nylon and Lycra™, EdemaWear is easy to clean and is reusable. Its low profile and open construction ensure that it is cool and comfortable in use while allowing patients to use their existing footwear during treatment.

Unlike conventional wraps and stockings patients and caregivers alike find EdemaWear is easy to put on and easy to remove. It can be the first option for compression or as an alternative to compression modalities that patients refuse to use.


  • Edema from venous hypertension
  • Post-op edema
  • Lymphedema
  • Venous leg ulcers
  • Skin tears
  • Wherever safer, more comfortable and acceptable compression is required.

EdemaWear elastic compression

EdemaWear tubular elastic compression device provides longitudinally focused compression to encourage free lymphatic and venous return for the reduction of edema. EdemaWear is easy to apply and its comfortable open construction allows for air and moisture circulation for maximum comfort.

  • It is washable, reusable and may be cut to fit
  • EdemaWear is not made with natural rubber latex
  • Cool, conformable and comfortable
  • May be used alone or in combination with bandages
  • A practical alternative to compression stockings and wraps
  • Non-irritating nylon and Lycra™ construction
  • Size & Code Maximum limb Use Length Stripe circumference

    Small CA600001

    45 cm (18”)

    Foot to knee or wrist to shoulder

    55 cm (22”)

    Navy stripe

    Medium CA960001

    75 cm (30”)

    Foot to groin or wrist to shoulder

    86 cm (34”)

    Yellow stripe

    Large CA120L001

    115 cm (46”)

    Knee to groin

    60 cm (24”)

    Red stripe

    X Large CA160XL01

    150 cm (60”)

    Knee to groin

    60 cm (24”)

    Aqua stripe

    The most common sizes are small and medium;
    The stockinet length can be cut to size;
    Small stockinets are sold as a pair while all other sizes are sold individually;
    Each stockinet incorporates a coloured stripe to make size easy to distinguish and easier to reorder

    EdemaWear is not made with natural rubber latex.

    All sold as SINGLE garments except for small, they come as a pair.